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- And as I look to you?

- Oh, you’re fine, how can ayt lovely cat.

- O ‘Okay, you remind me of Sarah in flight … Now shut up and took out the food …

He looked at her and wished he could be the man to be her lover, look at these strange deep eyes, feel the taste of pink swollen lips, to hold hands on the white body on a soft elastic breasts with dark pink nipples, on a flat stomach before the most intimate place, which covered up from prying eyes soft fuzz …

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He passed ten domes of the cathedral, then flew over the university. He sat down on the small caps over the fourth door, looked out into the courtyard. Waited. He knew that at any moment you should see his boss. This was the day-to-day.

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- Where’s Barack?

- You will soon thou shalt see it before him.

- Why am I relieved?

- Who says you’re free? You are by no means free. Of all the deaths Sultan is free in the least degree, because burdened with worries about the state and the judiciary. Good Sultan will always be a slave to his subjects.

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- That you pretend that your brother is the father of your illegitimate child. It you take the money to clothe and feed the boy, who was brought up to hate the person who provides your entire family.

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