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- Well, in these matters, I do not very strong, – said Orhan. – But I was already tired of chatter, and I realize that for me all the way closed, except for the one that leads to the Chamber of Ecstasy. I think the sooner I reach predestined me to finish, the better for me.

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A friend turned out differently.

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Ken Jin nodded, agreeing with her.

- What do you think about my father, who renounced his daughter and sent her a disgrace to the monastery? You’re sure to feel pain. You must have felt …

- Of course, it hurt – she interrupted angrily Ken Jin.

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This message had its effect. Charlotte even flinch when he heard the words, but she knew everything in advance.

Gao Jin’s surprise knew no bounds. His body shook, his eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

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