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Charlotte did not like it. But worst of all was the unbearable heat, which intensified when something touches her body. No matter what – the tips of one’s fingers, clothing fabric, or simply blow air – but these touches spawned hot waves that occasionally rolled down her body.

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- Quiet! – Adrianna put a finger to her lips and giggled. – Open the bottle, my sweet! – She said, turning around, Bob.

Bob uncorked the champagne and poured it into the glasses.

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Adrianna sat down on the couch next to him. Carolina took place in front of a friend, Al handed her a glass and said:

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- No! – After that, got off with a penis than Anton plunged into confusion. He growled with displeasure, but she squeezed his testicles and whispered,

- Quiet! Be patient.

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A plan of action was also slated drunken company.

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- What is the name the person who gave you this invitation?

- Andrew.

Then he sent the address and the time – at seven. All promised to discuss the issues on the spot, so he had no choice. Although the choice is always there. He could not refuse to go. But then he ventured to bring Andrew.

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- Who are you? – Not realizing a dream or reality, I asked.

- That’s me. Fuck me, – said the silhouette.

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- No! It’s too early. Let things go on as usual – ordered the owner and approached her.

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